Privacy Policy

Privacy Protection Policy of a user

The Privacy Policy herein provides information on the way we proceed with your personal data. You are asked to read carefully the content of Privacy Policy before starting using our Service.

1. Terms:

Services mean each product, service, content, functionality, technology or function, all the related websites.

Web platform means internet websites, applications and mobile websites or other online contents through which we offer our Services.

The controller of your personal data is

2. Registration and other information:

1) On your registration process aimed at using our Services we may gather the following information:

a) your name and surname, age, ID number, sex, nationality, e-mail identifier, telephone number;

b) your e-mail address if you use it while registering.

Providing the data above is necessary for using services offered within account.

2) While using our Services you may also voluntarily provide the following personal data:

a) name and surname;

b) e-mail address;

c) mobile phone number;

d) your credit card data if you are interested in purchasing our payable services;

e) data connected with your life experience that you upload on your account or share while answering questions.

In justified cases of breaching the provisions of the Regulations, aiming at acting to the detriment of other users, you may be asked to provide extra information about the transaction (e.g. postal receipt copy). In such cases, based on our legitimate interest, we may process this category of your personal data to prevent violation of the Regulations and provide users with possibility to use safe and user-friendly Web platform.

3) In case of telephone or e-mail contact we gather all information you decide to share with our employees or representatives.

3. The following data on our Web platform users are gathered:

1) Your device data, such as operating system version and unique ID numbers.

2) Location data depending on your device privacy settings. If you put up a certain object on sale on our Web platform, we automatically gather and process information about your current location.

3) Log in data, including your device IP address.

4) Your activity on our Web platform.

5) We use cookies, which are small text files that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the Web platform. It enables the Web platform to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you do not have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another. You can manage your cookie preferences by setting your browser to refuse cookies, or delete certain cookies. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, this may impair or prevent due functioning of our Web platform. For more information about the use of cookies and how to block them read .....

6) Data received from third parties or publically available sources.

a) Some technical information and those resulting from the type of usage, received from analysis services provider, such as e.g. Google.

b) Address and contact details connected with conducting business activities obtained from information providers, such as credit information agencies, bases of potential clients and public records (e.g. Central Registration and Information on Business).

c) Information obtained from other users of Web platform who engaged in transactions you had in connection with our Web platform (e.g. postal receipt copy, nonconformity of goods with the advert, information on possible fraud).

4. The aim of data processing:

1) In order to grant access and to provide Services via our Web platform;

2) In order to make the use of Web platform more convenient and develop new functionalities of the Web platform;

3) in order to ensure the safety of the Web platform.

5. Processing of players' personal data

In order to simplify the process of answering to materials featured on we enabled our users adding, storing and using them on the Web platform.

1) Answer to a particular material leads to sharing your personal data with users interested in the Author of the material.

2) In order to ensure the best quality services of we have implemented appropriate measures aiming at interests protection.

a) regular audits and overviews of recommendation systems, preventing users discrimination and invalid results of algorithm;

b) giving Users an access to functionalities that enable them to familiarize with more recommendations,

c) in case you suspect the recommendation system does not work properly - to assure the right to get human intervention from in order to state one's position and to question the accuracy of recommendation systems. In justified cases we may take appropriate steps in order to recover valid operation of recommendation systems.

Privacy Policy may be subject to change or update. Any changes will be put on this web platform, additionally you will be informed via e-mail or our Web platform. If you do not agree to the changes, you can delete your account by going to options and choosing the delete account option.  

6. Users rights.

1) The right of access to your personal data. It enables you to obtain information whether we process your personal data, and if so, to get a copy of the data we process. The right of access enables you to verify if we process your data in accordance with the law.

2) The right of correction of your personal data. The right provides opportunity to request correction of incomplete, false or outdated data that we process. In some cases we will have to verify correctness of the new data you give.

3) The right to restrict processing of your personal data. It gives you the right to turn to us to stop processing your personal data.

4) The right to delete your personal data. It enables you to demand the deletion of your personal data, if they are no longer needed for reasons they were gathered.

5) The right to object to processing data that involve you, if your data are processed based on the premises of legitimate interest (our or third parties).

6) The right of transmission of your personal data. Exercising this right we deliver you, or a third party indicated by you, your personal data in a structured, machine-readable format.

7) If you have given consent for your personal data to be processed by us, you can withdraw it at any time. Consent withdrawal does not affect compliance of the right to process which was given before withdrawal.

7. Communication and Marketing.

We may communicate with you via e-mail messages, short texts or notifications connected with our Service. Communication shall refer to confirmation of your registration, informing you when your account becomes active/closed, and in case of other transaction messages connected with our Services. Given that it is necessary for us to send you this kind of messages, you may not have the possibility to opt-out.

8. Data sharing.

We may share your personal data to:

1) Affiliated companies: we may share your data with other companies helping us provide services connected with business activities we conduct.

2) Third parties providing services: we use services of third parties that help us deliver specific solutions connected with our Services, e.g. data storage. Such service providers may be located both within and outside the EEA area.

3) Marketing and analysis services providers: in order to enhance our Services, to monitor and report effectiveness of campaigns of our business partners.

4) Law enforcement authorities, supervisory authorities and others: we may share your personal data with law enforcement authorities, supervisory authorities, public authorities and other third parties.

5) Public information: if you use our Services and put a certain object on sale, you may decide on exposing some personal data to other Web platform users.

9. Sharing data with third countries

We do not share your personal data with countries outside the EEA area.

10. Data retention period

 1) We store your data as long as it is necessary to meet the objectives they were gained for, including fulfilling legal, tax and accounting obligations or for reporting purposes.

2) We store all information we gain about you on secure servers. We have also implemented necessary technical and organizational means to protect your data.

3) Our Web platform may contain links to websites or applications of third parties. If you click on one of those links you should remember that each of webpages you will be redirected to has its own privacy policy. We do not affect those webpages/applications and we are not responsible for their policies. We encourage you to read the information about privacy policy of each of the pages you visit leaving our web platform.

11. Contact

In order to receive information or exercise your right, check your account options in "Your Account" or contact our Section or via Help section on our Website. If you need to contact us in matters related to your personal data processing you can:

  • post a letter to our address:


12. Supervisory Authorities

In local issues connected with personal data protection you may contact the President of Personal Data Protection Office:

ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warszawa