Do you get up in the morning and you lack motivation for the next training?
Are you skipping training again?

Once again you wonder if it is worth doing all of this?
Are you sad again because you haven't signed a contract yet?

With each passing day you doubt yourself more and more and football does not give you joy anymore?

Josep Guardiola, when asked what a player should do in such a situation, replied:

In such a situation, a footballer should first of all consider why he started doing it and whether he had enough passion for the sport.
He should ask himself if he has always lacked this passion and all he was driven by was the desire to earn a lot of money and be famous.

If you come to the conclusion that your only motivation has always been money and fame, you have no chance and quit as soon as possible because you are wasting time.

However, if it was something more and you had a love for football then you should look for it again.

Concentrate on finding joy and fun in training.
Start enjoying the process, development and every little victory again!

If you can do it one hundred percent, your chance will come!


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